Icebreaker Celebrates 25 years

The WoolPress was one of the first stores to stock Icebreaker IN THE WORLD! Fast forward to 25 years later, we are continuing to show our support by carrying the most extensive range of Icebreaker merino wool clothing in our store based in Arrowtown, New Zealand.

Using high quality merino wool sourced from New Zealand’s South Island farms, Icebreaker have developed a brand that encompasses natural and sustainable practises for people all over the world to benefit from.

Move to Natural - the most recent campaign from Icebreaker and it is one of our favourites yet. There is no denying that our world is continuously changing, so we believe it is more important everyday to make changes to our lives to help the planet. By wearing Icebreaker, you are well on your way to doing just that. All of their pieces are made with naturally and ethically sourced fibres taken straight from the planet... even their clothing tags are made with natural materials!!

shop 25th anniversary of icebreaker

Our staff at The Woolpress are experts in everything Icebreaker! From head to toe, we are in the know about what you should be incorporating into your wardrobes. We have our Icebreaker proudly on display in our Arrowtown store, as well as online, with a team of online gurus at the ready to help with any of your Icebreaker needs.

25 year icebreaker t-shirt

For 25 years Icebreaker have challenged the status quo and strived for natural progress. Join us in celebrating this milestone and shop the new limited edition XXV Anniversary collection at The WoolPress.


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