Icebreaker - Where your wool comes from

Back in 1997, Icebreaker became the first company in the world to establish long term contracts with merino growers in New Zealand, with the majority of those farms located within a few hours drive of our shop here in Arrowtown. Today, there are six farms, or "Stations" as we like to call them, within the Lake Wakatipu area: Branches Station, Mt. Nicholas Station, Walter Peak Station, Cecil Peak Station, Halfway Bay Station, and Nokomai Station.

All Icebreaker growers are committed to a strict animal welfare code that protects the merino sheep and the working sheepdogs.

These long terms contracts, some up to 10 years, give the farmers certainty around their futures and lend themselves to the opportunity of future developments around herd genetics and improvements around the farm.

When you're buying Icebreaker, you can rest assured that the wool fibre going into those garments was raised ethically and sustainability and because of Icebreaker's commitment to these farms, you can always expect a quality product.



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