Layering Icebreaker

Icebreaker developed the world’s first merino layering system - designed to give you the freedom to enjoy and be inspired by your adventures in nature, whatever the conditions. 

  1. Underwear/Skin layer 
  2. Base layer
  3. Mid layer
  4. Outer Layer

Merino sheep have a light, fine, ultrabreathable coat that keeps them cool in the hot summer heat of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. When winter arrives, they grow an extra layer of wool over their base coat so they can roam through fields of ice and snow in warmth and comfort.

merino sheep insulating system

Icebreaker have adapted the worlds first merino wool layering system - that offers freedom to adapt to any environment. Wear a next-to-skin layer in warmer weather, then layer up for insulation in the cold. When icebreaker garments are layered together, air is trapped in between each fine layer to increase warmth. Your layers lock together like a single lightweight garment.

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