Wool Possum Innersoles

Wool Possum Innersoles

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Wool and Possum fur are felted together using Roz's revolutionary secret felting technque to create an incredibly warm, lightweight and comfortable pair of innersoles. Simply slip these into your shoes to both warm your feet up. They also make sbeing on your feet all day - be it standing or walking - much more bearable.

Small; Aust/NZ/UK 3-5 men/5-7 women    US 4-6 men/5-7 women   Euro 35-38  Japan(cm) 24

Medium;  Aust/NZ/UK 6-8 men/8-10 women    US 7-9 men/8-10 women   Euro 39-42  Japan(cm) 26.5

Large;  Aust/NZ/UK 9-11 men/11-13 women    US 10-12 men/11-13 women   Euro 43-46 (45 women)  Japan(cm) 29

Made in New Zealand.